Toborr is Ken's beautiful five-year-old sister and the leader of the group. "I know what to do. Come on!" is her mantra. Toborr is brave, smart, savvy and good-natured. She is supremely confident in her abilities. She can be found marching into the Forest of Darkness without fear, even though she may be holding Ken's hand to make "him" feel better. She usually believes that she's right and emphasizes it with her signature slogan "Definitely!". Sometimes her overconfidence can land her and her friends in a heap of trouble, and that's where the learning begins. Voiced by Tara Meyer


Toborr is a sweet, beautiful, imaginative, adventurous and savvy 5 year old girl with long curly red hair in a flip with bangs, rosy cheeks, freckles and blue eyes (similar to Hilda's eyes from The Busy World of Richard Scarry). She is seen in a yellow long sleeved shirt, purple pinafore jumper dress, white socks, yellow and orange dotted hair bow, pearl drop earrings, an orange flower necklace and black Mary Jane shoes.

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