P-Head is the mascot of PBS. He did not appear in TV programs by PBS but he appeared on PBS logos since 1971. His friends is B and S. P-Head had channels like WGBH in Boston, WTTW in Chicago, WNET in New York/New Jersey, KET in Kentucky, etc. He is originally red but changed to blue. His friends B and S are also originally coloured in white and blue. He also appeared in station logos, A sign and on the 2014-present PBS Digital Studios logo.

In parodies

P-Head makes appearances in parodies. He appeared along with the V of Doom, his friends, CBS, NBC, etc.

In logos/IDs

In IDs, P-Head first appeared in 1971 in the 1971-1984 PBS logo. He later appeared in 1984-1989, in glass forms in 1989-1993 and 1992-1996, a green version in 1996-1998, a sign in 1998-2002 and a circle in 2002-present. The prototype PBS logos do not have the P-Head. The 1971 prototype logos had the P-Head in red, he looking right and him in green in SNL. He is in 3D form in a SNL spoof of a PBS commercial and not used by PBS.